Center for the Study of Elections and Democracy



CSED was one of the greatest honors I had during my college career. I loved being able to be a part of the process helping professors and students alike in crafting better research.”


Join the CSED Lab

Each semester, some of BYU’s brightest students have the opportunity to work closely with faculty and other students, researching the latest political science data and practicing new research methods. Participating the CSED Research Lab allows students to better their research skills and implement their own research ideas. Through hands-on experience, engaging discussions, and seminars from political science experts and professionals, CSED Fellows receive a rich educational experience.

Are you interested in becoming a CSED Fellow? Click on the link below to apply! Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. Students are highly recommended to complete POLI 328 before applying, though it is not required. Applicants who have not completed POLI 200 will not be considered. Those who are most successful typically commit for at least one year.

The deadline for Winter 2019 applications is December 15, 2018. Applications are, again, taken on a rolling basis.




More about the CSED Lab

An integral aspect of the CSED research lab is regular lab meetings, promoting constant communication between students and faculty. Lab participants meet frequently (usually every two weeks) to monitor ongoing CSED research projects, plan future work, and discuss student research. Lab meetings also include presentations by students and faculty; these presentations range from initial research ideas to research design proposals to discussions of full paper drafts. Students are expected to participate as full and active interlocutors in seminar-type evaluation and discussion of the research projects on each meeting’s agenda.

The CSED Research Lab represents a unique opportunity for students to generate and implement their research ideas under the tutelage and close mentorship of not just one, but multiple faculty members who are united by a common set of research interests. This collective enterprise makes for a unique and extremely high-quality mentoring environment.

Being a CSED Fellow is a unique and highly rewarding experience. Participating the CSED Research Lab allows students to develop skills that allow them to excel in graduate school or other professional pursuits. Students have successfully pursued graduate studies at top universities across the nation in part due to their participation with CSED. Read about the experiences of CSED alumni here.