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After their tenure at the lab, CSED alumni go on to very advantageous and competitive fields, in part due to the preparation the Center offers. Many now established in their careers, CSED alumni offer their insight below.

“I continue to use the research and analytical skills developed at CSED in my current work every day. I still consider the CSED students and faculty some of my closest friends from BYU. The other students are now off working at top-tier organizations or studying at great graduate schools. I will enjoy staying in contact with them as their lives and careers move forward.”

– Matthew Frei, Research Assistant at Pew Research Center

“CSED was one of the greatest honors I had during my college career. I loved being able to be a part of the process helping professors and students alike in crafting better research.”

– Kaleigh Fox, Spanish Fork, UT

“I was invited to participate in the CSED research lab after my sophomore year. I was initially intimidated by the opportunity to lend my observations to research being conducted by the professors in the lab; but after our summer course, I was amazed by the respect the undergraduate research fellows were given and the camaraderie we shared together.”

– Jessica Biggs, Charlottesville, VA


“CSED was instrumental in preparing me for graduate school with activities such as working closely with professors, having focused discussions, organizing experimental work, and analyzing data. My experience with CSED motivated me to attend graduate school while helping me to develop project management skills…I never imagined that CSED would give me so many interesting research opportunities that would put me in contact with exceptional faculty and students.”

– Josephine Shipley, Graduate Student at UCLA

“At the end of many of my classes I just kept asking myself, “So what?” CSED was that answer for me. Not only did CSED provide a great outlet to have interesting discussions with knowledgeable faculty in an intimate setting, but it also gave me the chance to do my own research on topics that were interesting to me.”

– Erin Wells, Management Analyst and Special Events Coordinator, Lehi City, UT

“My experience at CSED prepared me to participate in quantitative research immediately upon entering graduate school. This put me ahead in my program. I’ve benefited greatly from the hands-on experiences I had while at CSED.”

– John Holbein, University of Virginia Faculty Member

“In putting together my application to Duke, I found that almost all the accomplishments I listed were a direct result of my participation in CSED. To all considering applying for CSED fellowship, I say that it will be the best thing you can do to prepare for any kind of social science research-oriented career or graduate program.”

– Robbie Richards, Graduate Student at Duke University

IMG_0709“In a variety of ways, CSED offers a unique opportunity to go beyond coursework and see what graduate work and life are like.”

– David Lassen, Graduate Student, Madison, WI

“Since graduating from BYU I’ve worked in a Congressional office, worked on two winning campaigns in Virginia, served a mission for [The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints] and am now in graduate school. CSED helped me apply the data analysis skills I learned in 328, and those same skills have helped me in grad school in the research I am doing now on human trafficking in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.”

– Ashley Burton, Graduate Student, Henrico, VA

Alumni List

Ben Ader (2014)
Kyle Baird (2008)
Taylor Bambas (2012)
Michael Barber (2009)
Jessica Biggs (2010)
Matthew Beck (2015)
Luke Bell (2014)
Braidy Bundy (2008)
Ashley Burton (2008)
Ethan Busby (2013)
Geoffrey Cannon (2015)
Justin Chang (2014)
Alexis Cooper (2012)
Madison Daines (2014)
Kaleigh Fox (2016)
Matthew Frei (2012)
Hayden Galloway (2016)
Kyrene Gibb (2014)
Alejandra Gimenez (2016)
John Griffith (2015)
Ian Hansen (2014)
Morgan Hoffman (2015)
John Holbein (2010)
Andrew Jensen (2016)
Bradley Jones (2008)
David Lassen (2008)
James Martherus (2016)
Bradley Masters (2009)
Ryan Merriman (2008)
Jane Ann Patch (2008)
Brian Reed (2012)
Robert Richards (2011)
Scott Riding (2008)
Christopher Riley (2012)
Jordan Rogers (2012)
Josephine Shipley (2009)
Tyler Simms (2015)
Zachary Smith (2013)
Erin Wells (2010)
Katherine Westmoreland (2015)
Jake Wirth (2007)
Alissa Wilkinson (2011)