Center for the Study of Elections and Democracy


Partisanship Reconsidered: A Conference to Honor David Magleby

Center for the Study of Elections and Democracy
at Brigham Young University

June 6 – 8, 2019, Preliminary Program Outline

Conference papers available to participants here

Wednesday, June 5: Many participants arrive, dinners around Provo if possible

Thursday, June 6: Session 1 – Congress and Partisanship
                                  Papers by John Aldrich; Jim Curry & Frances Lee
                                  Tom Mann, commenting

                                  Session 2 – Partisanship and Institutions
                                  Papers by Jessica Preece; Paul Light
                                  Norm Ornstein, commenting

                                  Session 3 – Partisan Campaigns
                                  Papers by Gary Jacobson; Daniel Magleby
                                  Damon Cann, commenting

                                  Dinner at Sundance
                                  Dessert & Reception at the Magleby Home

Friday, June 7: Session 4 – Party & Interests
                            Papers by Larry Bartels; Jay Goodliffe
                            Adam Brown, commenting

                            Session 5 – Identity and Polarization
                            Papers by Matt Levendusky; Marc Hetherington
                            Adam Dynes, commenting
                           Session 6 – Partisanship in the Electorate
                           Papers by Nathan Kalmoe; Samara Klar and Yanna
                           Kelly Patterson, commenting

                           Special Session – Revisiting Myths of Independence
                           Paper by David Magleby and Candace Nelson

                           Dinner Honoring David Magleby, Hinckley Alumni Building

Saturday, June 8: Session 7 – Partisanship and Identity
                                  Papers by Lilliana Mason; Chris Karpowitz and Quin
                                  Lisa Argyle, commenting

                                  Session 8 – Partisanship & Ideology
                                  Papers by Caroline Tolbert; Michael Barber & Jeremy Pope
                                  Juliet Carlisle, commenting

                                  Light Lunch and Departures