Center for the Study of Elections and Democracy



Each year, the Center for the Study of Elections and Democracy selects the most elite to be undergraduate fellows with the Center. As fellows, students are able to both work for a professor as well as pursue their own research projects under the direction of a professor. With this unique set-up, the student fellows have invaluable hands on experience in research that prepares them for post-graduate work. To see a list of all CSED alumni, visit the alumni page.


Alessandra Carbajal is a junior from Honduras studying Political Science with an emphasis in American Politics. Her research interests include public opinion and public policy, as well as American campaigns and elections. After graduation, Alessandra would like to pursue a J.D./Ph.D. in American Politics. She enjoys traveling to new places, hiking and spending time with her family.


Tatiana Flexman is a senior studying Political Science with an emphasis in American politics and a minor in World Dance. Her research interests include public opinion and the American founding. After graduation she plans on obtaining an MPA or a PhD in American Politics. She is also a member of a performing Folk Dance team at Brigham Young University and enjoys watching rugby and playing the violin.


Jenah House, a senior from Oregon, is pursuing a degree in Political Science with a specialization in International Strategy and Diplomacy while at Brigham Young University. Her research interests include the role of religion and family structure in politics as well as international human rights. She is currently the Administrative Assistant for CSED, and has worked extensively on the American Family Survey. She enjoys baking, playing racquetball, and travelling with her husband.


Soren, an Idaho native, is a senior majoring in Political Science with an emphasis on American political institutions. He wants to understand and develop solutions to domestic challenges in representation, polarization, and civic engagement. He currently works as a research assistant for Dr. Michael Barber and plans to pursue J.D. next year, focusing on constitutional law. In his free time, Soren loves spending time in the mountains as an avid hiker and rock climber.


Sarah Curry is a senior from Maryland studying Political Science, Nonprofit Management and Global Studies. Her interests include candidate selection and political psychology. She is involved in BYUPAS and co-founded BYUPAS Women in Politics. She has worked on political campaigns, studied abroad in London, and participated in the Utah Colleges Exit Poll. She enjoys tap dance, scuba diving, and cooking international recipes.


Peter Gregory is a second year masters student, studying Public Administration at the Marriott School of Management. He recently interned on Capitol Hill in D.C. and has a passion for public service. His research interests include the elements of successful political campaigns and methods of bridging partisan divisions. Peter currently works with Dr. Chris Karpowitz, and enjoys soccer, hiking, theatre, and making sushi.


Steven Jamieson is a senior from Reno, Nevada studying Political Science. He currently works as a research assistant for Dr. Adam Dynes and is interested in studying local politics and the role of media in politics. His time as an aide in the Utah Legislature has increased his passion for helping connect politics to everyday Americans. In his free time he enjoys cooking, singing, and spending time with his family.